It’s More Than Just Teaching

West Virginia’s public schools, and the teachers who fill their halls, continue to fight an uphill battle to prove their worth to state legislators. The problem is that the loyalty of those legislators seems to be more to the folks funding their campaigns than to the schools that teach children in their districts.

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Justice for at least one Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Family

UBB Memorial Facebook Upper Big Branch Memorial in Whitesville, W.Va.

Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Memorial in Whitesville, W.Va. | UBB Memorial Facebook

Carolyn Diana Davis has been waiting almost a decade for justice after her husband died in the Upper Big Branch explosion.  How long will other families have to wait for mining companies to be held accountable for not keeping their workers safe?

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The Epic Failure of Charter Schools in Louisiana – Let’s Not Make Same Mistake in WV

Hurricane Katrina was bad enough.  But after the Hurricane, Louisiana had a second man-made disaster. Millions in state and federal tax dollars were wasted on failed charter schools, many of which never even opened after receiving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Let's avoid the same disaster in West Virginia.

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Generic drugmakers have been fixing prices and when prices are high, people die

When businesses cheat, it costs us money. When the healthcare industry cheats, the cost is in lives.

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Would most West Virginia kids see the results of “Education Reform?”

Some state legislators keep pushing charter schools and Education Savings Accounts that will only help a small number of children. But their efforts leave public schools underfunded where the majority of young Mountaineers  face serious problems that need addressing.


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How Jim Justice's $4.8 million in unpaid fines could benefit West Virginia

How big a difference could a thousand more Promise Scholarships make for young people across West Virginia?

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State Senator votes for a bill that could fund his own paycheck

What's wrong with this picture?

When Victory Baptist Pastor Rollan Roberts campaigned for the WV Senate in 2016, one of his platform planks was ‘education reform’. After he was elected to represent Raleigh County, he co-sponsored the Omnibus Education Reform bill, which led to the second teacher’s strike. This bill included a school voucher program which would take public education money and gives it to private schools.

It just so happens Roberts and his wife make most of their wages from the private school his church operates.



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One presidential candidate gets serious in Kermit

Elizabeth Warren’ and ‘West Virginia’ are four words you don’t expect to see together, given how the Mountain State is seen politically as a state redder than a maraschino cherry. But on her recent visit to the state, Warren brought a proposal of substance and seriousness that respects the scope of the addiction crisis in West Virginia.


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Patrick Morrisey: failing to protect us from drug dealers in suits

The higher the dose, the higher the bonus. That was the deal that Insys Therapeutics made with doctors to get them to push fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, to patients.  

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Let’s put experienced legislators at the head of the class

West Virginia’s teachers have gone on strike twice in as many years because they were ignored by our leaders in Charleston. As legislative leaders prepare to revisit education this summer, it looks like the legislature still hasn’t learned their lesson.

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