Are Corporations and Millionnaires More Entitled to Freedom than the Rest of Us?

Freedom is being able to pay the bills. Freedom is having a little left over for a trip to the beach with your family. Freedom is being able to stay in West Virginia because the jobs pay well, and the roads aren’t tearing up your car. Freedom is good schools with well paid teachers who parents can trust while they go off to work.

Poor and working people have been working harder, making less, and paying more (for groceries, housing, medicine, taxes, and on and on) for years, while wealthy people and corporations pay less and less. Today, 13.4% of all income earned in our beloved state goes to the richest 1%. It’s time the legislature be reminded that Robin Hood was a hero because he stood up for the freedom of people oppressed by greed and corruption.

West Virginians want the freedom to stay in West Virginia with a decent life. Our legislators should prioritize them instead of the rich and corporations and see how quickly this state can recover!