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Another Advantage For Big Business

West Virginia’s judicial system had a rough 2018, but poor administration at the Supreme Court level isn’t justification for adding an additional appeals court level to the WV Court System, a new step that would waste taxpayer dollars to help companies with huge legal teams while making things harder for the small businesses that are the backbone of the mountain state.

Former Charleston Mayor Danny Jones & Former Delegate Rusty Webb gave an example of this on Jones’s 580 Live radio show last Friday. In this hypothetical situation, Mr Jones owned a restaurant. If he paid a national supplier, and the national supplier never delivered, he could sue this supplier and would (most likely) win. The supplier could appeal this decision to the appeals court. The supplier would again probably lose again, but could then appeal the decision to the state supreme court, and then again to the U.S. Supreme Court. Each appeal means additional legal fees, and it’s most likely that eventually, Mr. Jones would decide to drop the case due to his sizable legal bill.

This additional appeals court would do nothing but help lawyers and big corporations, while costing West Virginians both in tax dollars and legal feels. Sign our petition to keep WV’s Judicial System fair for the people.