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A Reason for Patriotic Pride

Fireworks or the sight of military hardware and flyovers by fighter planes on the 4th of July can stimulate patriotism. But women on a soccer field in France brought our nation together in pride even better the 4th of July weekend.

Before Title IX of the Education Act was signed in 1972 by President Nixon, women had few opportunities to participate in sports in schools. Almost 50 years later, we are fielding teams of women who are strong and confident and bring the same passion and excitement to their sports as any team of men.

The United States is a beacon to the world for its democracy and the rights granted in our Constitution. The way we have, over centuries, extended those rights to include people of all races, religions, and genders, inspires people and countries around the world.

And the strong women of the United States women’s national soccer team give us reason this year to celebrate our love for our wonderful country!

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IMAGE: Arun Sharma, unsplash.com