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“Simulated Workplaces” are REAL education reform

As the state Legislature's Special Session on education has unfolded, the conversation on education reform centers on whether or not to move funding away from public schools into Charter Schools or Educations Savings Accounts (ESA)—and how to punish teachers who stand up for themselves and their students.

There’s little to no talk of what can be done to make our public education system better. This should be the real focus of any conversation about education in our state, as public schools are where the majority of West Virginia’s children will make their journey into adulthood.

The news station WVAH-FOX 11 recently profiled the state Department of Education’s “Simulated Workplace” program. This program works with businesses to help get young West Virginians get ready for a variety of careers and workplace settings. This helps the students be prepared for the workforce and the supplies the business partners with a dependable workforce.

These are exactly the types of programs our government could institute to help fix education in West Virginia.Giving public money to private schools and Education Savings Account for charter schools and education only helps those getting the checks.

IMAGE: Screen image from WVAH-FOX 11 video on "Simulated Workforce" program

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