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Jim Justice’s False Promises

When he was elected in 2016, Gov. Jim Justice promised to take our state on a “jobs rocket ride….We have got to grow our way out of this mess." How’s that working out? 

Details on West Virginia's anemic median household income. For more on this chart, visit this link.

Even with President Trump cutting regulations on coal burning and extraction and applying tariffs on foreign steel to spur U.S. steel and coal production, West Virginia’s poverty rate has increased since he took office. 

And though unemployment has dipped slightly, the median annual wage has dropped so that WV is now 50th in the nation.

In fact, average income in West Virginia has not changed since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007. So if you feel no better off than you were two or ten years ago, there’s a reason.

Yet Justice wants to be rewarded with another term and stood amidst signs at his announcement speech in January proclaiming “Hope Delivered.”

Well, Mr. Justice, you did deliver hope, but that hope has withered as we see that all you have to offer are false promises. 

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