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Repeal of Prevailing Wage Law Causes Construction Delays, Costing Taxpayers

For years, prevailing wage laws protected workers in West Virginia. Then, state legislators pushed through a repeal, arguing it would reduce the cost of public projects, such as schools. Turns out the repeal hasn’t saved money and has hurt West Virginia families.

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If WV is doing so well, why are the grocery stores closing?

Anybody who has spent any time in rural West Virginia knows people like to get together and eat. Going to Grandma’s house for Sunday supper is as part of West Virginia as singing along to "Country Roads" at a football game. 

But it’s getting harder and harder for Grandma to just get food for those suppers because the grocery stores keep closing. 

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Gov. Justice tends to his business empire as West Virginia families struggle

At a time when West Virginia needs all the help it can get, we have a distracted, often absentee governor in the mansion—when he is even there, that is. A recent Charleston Gazette-Mail story, produced in partnership with Pro Publica, had a lot to say in just the headline alone: “Gov. Justice still guides billion-dollar business empire, even though he said he wouldn’t.”

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Sen. Capito: Your Votes Reducing Women's Power Speak Louder Than Your Words.

West Virginia’s U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito has hosted 21 events across West Virginia for young girls promoting female empowerment and leadership. 

Too bad her votes in Washington tend to betray West Virginia women more than help them.

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For West Virginians to thrive, state’s economy must diversify

Solar power installation? Commercial hemp? Are these among West Virginia's future diversified industries?

With the ups and downs of our global economy, and climate concerns on the rise, long-term prospects for coal and natural gas are looking shaky. It’s time for West Virginia to diversify its economy so that state families can thrive.

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Mooney, McKinley, Miller MIA on Town Halls

With our President facing impeachment, West Virginians have a lot of questions. But As far as we can tell, none of West Virginia’s congressional representatives have held an in-person public town hall meeting for a long time.

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Justice Celebrates too Soon: WV 47th in Personal Income Growth, not 1st

New findings showed West Virginia was not first, but 47th in the nation for personal income growth earlier this year. It turns out the “absolutely phenomenal growth” touted by Gov. Jim Justice never even happened. But is anyone really surprised?

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Appalachians continue a long tradition of protesting corrupt big money interests

West Virginia Teachers on picket lines fighting so-called reforms. Coal miners blocking a train for back wages in Kentucky. Protests over a state legislator’s deal that results in closing a newborn ICU in Tennessee. A West Virginia woman arrested for chaining herself to her car on her own property to protest eminent domain for profits from pipelines. 

What do they have in common? A long history of Appalachians standing up for their rights against big money, out-of-state interests.

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Despite Governor’s Claim of “Pristine Water,” Report Cites WV Counties As Worst Nationwide

Not long ago we saw West Virginia governor Jim Justice on Fox News. What was he going to say"If you want pristine air and pristine water, come to West Virginia.”

Yet according to a report titled “Watered Down Justice,”  released recently by three environmental groups, 36 West Virginia counties still lead the nation in the number of water quality violations.

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Why is Mac Warner afraid to make it easier for citizens to vote?

As the state's top election officer, Secretary of State Mac Warner should be implementing West Virginia’s new law that makes it easier for people to register to vote. Instead, he’s dragging his feet.

But he is breaking his promise to uphold the law and disrespecting the authority of West Virginia law and the state Legislature by delaying implementation of a “motor voter” law to automatically register people to vote when they get a driver’s license. He is dead wrong to describe the law as “practically unnecessary."

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