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Despite Governor’s Claim of “Pristine Water,” Report Cites WV Counties As Worst Nationwide

Not long ago we saw West Virginia governor Jim Justice on Fox News. What was he going to say"If you want pristine air and pristine water, come to West Virginia.”

Yet according to a report titled “Watered Down Justice,”  released recently by three environmental groups, 36 West Virginia counties still lead the nation in the number of water quality violations.

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Why is Mac Warner afraid to make it easier for citizens to vote?

As the state's top election officer, Secretary of State Mac Warner should be implementing West Virginia’s new law that makes it easier for people to register to vote. Instead, he’s dragging his feet.

But he is breaking his promise to uphold the law and disrespecting the authority of West Virginia law and the state Legislature by delaying implementation of a “motor voter” law to automatically register people to vote when they get a driver’s license. He is dead wrong to describe the law as “practically unnecessary."

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If West Virginia has 'best economy ever' why are foodbanks running out of food?

“This is one of the best years in the history of our state’s economy!” according to Governor Jim Justice. So why are so many in Clay County going hungry?

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Which is worse for coal country? Broken promises or no promises?

Contradicting President’s Trump’s promises, his administration predicts that coal production will continue to decline in our region. Meanwhile, he has proposed cuts to federal infrastructure funds to Appalachia. 

It’s important for Trump critics to point out when he breaks his promises to help people in coal country. 

But it’s also important to note that metropolitan-led national Democratic Party leaders have not made it a priority to pass policies or programs addressing the decline of good-paying jobs here. 

If they have bold plans, they need to start letting us know....

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Miners Deserve The Benefits they were Promised

The proud heritage of coal mining in West Virginia is rightly appreciated.  As coal mines close and jobs in the industry become scarce, one thing is clear: miners and their families deserve to be looked after long after miners finish their final shifts.

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Governor Justice Has History of Seeking Easy Money

Life is hard for many in West Virginia. Jobs are scarce and often they don’t pay well. But some people thrive by taking advantage of easy money. Take West Virginia governor, Jim Justice.



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WV Teacher Shortage Easy to Understand. Low Pay.

You don’t have to look far to understand teacher shortages in West Virginia. The average teacher salary in the Mountain State is about $45,000. It is by far the lowest compared to any surrounding state.

Pennsylvania’s is $67,000; Maryland, $69,000; Ohio $58,000; Virginia and Kentucky both pay more than $50,000. The national average is more than $60,000, so a teacher can go just about anywhere in the U.S. and get much better pay than here

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It's time for the Legislature to legislate, not kick down doors

West Virginia needs serious, even-keeled legislators. That is why it is distressing to see the ongoing legal case involving Del. Mike Caputo, D-Marion.



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Who is our Billionaire Governor Working For?

On Labor Day weekend, we celebrated the working men and women of our state and nation. On that day, the Charleston Gazette-Mail aptly raised the question, “Who is our governor working for, himself or us?”

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Greenbrier Resort Floating on Governor’s Swamp

Can you smell it? The stench of corruption coming from West Virginia’s premier resort, the Greenbrier?

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