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A Question Of Loyalty: Healthcare

One of the biggest promises made by politicians every few years is that they'll fix our healthcare system. There are some serious problems with the system, premiums, copays and deductibles are rising, and coverage is getting more and more limited. It's something that's important to us, and one of the best ways for our leaders to show their loyalty to us would be to make serious progress in this area.

But not only has political leadership in Washington and Charleston have broken their promise to improve our healthcare system, they seem to have actively betray us by increasing the cost of health insurance. 

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16 Tons And What Do You Get?

WV Politicians love to tug on the heartstrings of coal. The coal industry brought money and jobs to West Virginia for decades, and it’s easy to think if someone cares about the coal industry they care about the hard working men and women of West Virginia that make that industry possible, but often as automation and lose tax policies help the coal industry, very little is done to those West Virginians who built their life working in the mines.

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We Need Loyal Politicians

We need politicians who are loyal to working families because anti-worker policy is tearing apart the American Dream. Policies that attack unions and the minimum wage are chiseling our economic foundation out from under us and we’ll all collapse if we don’t elect people who stand strong for working families. 

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Our Fair Share

Governor Justice seems to be more loyal to his out-of-state business buddies than the West Virginians he is supposed to represent, but he’s trying hide his betrayal by bragging about all the taxes he’s collecting. While increased revenue is a good thing, these surpluses and new programs are largely being paid for by hard working West Virginians, while these out of state companies operating in the Mountain State largely avoid taxes on their profits earned in the mountain state. Once again, The Governor shows that he's actually big fans of taxes, as long as rich people don’t have to pay them.

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