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55 United Means Everyone

After the West Virginia’s public education employees made their voices heard during a 13 day strike last year, education has remained in the spotlight down at the state capitol.

Part of what made this strike so powerful was that it united not only teachers from all subjects and grade levels, but also the bus drivers, school cooks, custodians, and other support employees that keep our schools open day after day. All of these people are essential to providing a quality place for students to learn.

This year, however, it seems the Governor plans to incentivize one group of teachers over the other. He’s proposing a significant bonus for math teachers who undergo additional training. While math is important, why not extend this bonus for additional training to all public education employees? According to the National Center for Education Statistics WV’s literacy rates are among the lowest in our surrounding states. While STEM skills are important in an increasingly tech focused world, without literacy skills, it’s nearly impossible to find employment. Being loyal to all teachers, who have worked hard and earned expensive degrees to serve our state, not picking winners and losers,- is one way we can make life better for our kids.